Boca Bearings

Boca Bearings presents the May 2012 Innovation Contest winner!

The Walking Beast

The Walking Beast is a kinetic work of art that tests the limits of large scale mechanical locomotion using applied math, science, engineering and technology.

The Walking Beast demonstrates the real-life challenges of incorporating a walking linkage system on a very large scale. The sheer size of the project requires careful engineering design to create a strong, balanced and well-functioning machine. It was made possible by the use of 114 deep groove ball bearings in the linkage system. A 19-inch slewing bearing used in the hydraulically operated lifting/turning disc. Tapered roller bearings and standard ball bearings in the axle housing, and ball bearings and needle bearings in the planetary gear reduction boxes. The transmission has a one-way roller bearing, ball bearings, thrust bearings and bushings. There are a variety of bearings in the gasoline-powered engine that powers The Walking Beast.

Though massive, The Walking Beast is only one of many exciting entrants in the Innovation Contest. Be sure to check out The Walking Beast and other entries at:

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