Boca Bearings

Boca Bearings remembers one of 2012’s Innovation Contest entries!

Robot Nao 1337

Nao 1337 is looking for a job; times are hard for unemployed robots. Now, he has a chance to pass an audition for an important role. He tries his best to impersonate many popular robots including Wall-e, Terminator, R2D2, Johnny 5, and a Dalek..

Its creator wanted to use his robot to create a video people can relate to, and that would show most of Nao 1337’s features. Its inventor also wanted to become more efficient at making animations with my robot. Nao 1337 uses bearings on all of its joints (it has 25).

Though interesting, Robot Nao 1337 is only one of the many exciting entries in 2012’s Innovation Contest. Be sure to check out this year’s Innovation Contest at:

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