Boca Bearings

So far this season has been pretty good and it looks like it’s going to get even better. The water has warmed up eight degrees this week. If it holds where it is everything is going to pop very soon.

Promoting the product

- I continue to bring demo rod and reel setups to all my trips. Still getting good feedback from friends and clients.

- Been making recommendations and answering questions on the fishing forums and social media including Bloodydecks, All Coast, Get Bent and Facebook.

- Wearing Boca at club functions and tourneys, as well as all sport fishing related other functions like trade shows.

- I did a Calico Bass seminar at the local fishing club and talked about the benefits of upgrading your bearings.

Improving the product and/or Boca Company

- Bearings have been performing very well. I have no improvement recommendations at this time.

 Recommendations for promoting the product

- We need to target the San Diego long range tuna scene and the west coast saltwater bass scene. While sponsoring a charter on a long range trip is probably too expensive, sponsoring a SWBA or a SBS saltwater bass tourney may be very profitable in the long run. More saltwater guys on the west coast do not even know a bearing upgrade is a option. Fishing Calico Bass in the boiler rocks is a prime example of when you need a bearing upgrade. You are making 200-300 long casts per day and trying to get within one foot of the rocks. Distance and accuracy are very important. It’s an easy sell and that makes it a great place to enter the west coast saltwater market.


Nicholas Tharp

Q: Do ceramic bearings offer significant weight savings over traditional steel bearings?
A: Ceramic hybrids that have steel races and ceramic balls do not offer a significant weight savings as only the balls are ceramic. Full ceramic bearings however do offer a significant weight savings by about 2/3 the weight of traditional steel bearings. Unfortunately full ceramic bearings are not appropriate for many RC applications.